Gathered Gourd Centerpiece

With a little creativity, it’s easy to transform simple gourds and surplus squash into sophisticated centerpieces for fall entertaining.

What You'll Need:
  • Assortment of gourds, pumpkins or squash
  • Candle tapers, tea lights or votives
  • Fresh flowers or a seasonal bouquet
  • Small vase or glass
  • Melon baller
Centerpiece Option 1 – Towering Tapers:
  1. Pair gourds with desired tapers. Use a sharp knife, melon baller or large drill bit to carve a hole in each gourd, large enough to fit the selected candle.
  2. Place candles in gourds. Group several gourds of varying color, shape and height together to create a varied table arrangement.

Centerpiece Option 2 – Butternut Buds:
  1. Cut off the top of each butternut squash. Scoop out enough of the inside flesh to insert a small vase or glass.
  2. Arrange small groupings of flowers or single stems inside each vase and add water. Group bouquets together to make a fuller centerpiece. Accent with small pumpkins or leaves for added fall style.

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